SOS (Sensation Of Stage) is a 6-indosian girl group consists of Mary, Sun, A.G, P.B, YeYe, and J.L.
Produced by YS Ent. and training by RainbowBridge Agency

[VIDEO] ‘Officially Missing You’ Cover

[VIDEO] J.L & Yeye

[VIDEO] ‘Buttons’ dance pratice

[VIDEO] Don’t Forget Me (Baek Jiyoung) Cover

[VIDEO] Volume Up Party (pt.1) 0:19 ~ 3:43 / 6:57 ~ end

[VIDEO] Volume Up Party (pt.2) 3:41 ~ 6:07

[VIDEO] Christmas greetings from S.O.S

[VIDEO] Mary, A.G & ? - Ice Cream + I Don’t Need A Man dance cover

갤럭시 슈퍼스타 감사합니다.. (Thank you Galaxy Superstar) (eng.)


It never be the slightest hint of my mind to followed a singing contest like that. Previously I never followed and never entered it before. But my decision was changed after knew that the gift was receiving training in Korea for 6 months. Not because I was badly wanted to go to Korea, but because I wondered how they raise what they called K-pop star that I know so far.
I skip the struggle for the struggle with others and it turns out and I “believe” this is God’s way to me. How can be a designer who had never thought to change professions to become an artist finally flew to Korea for about 2 months to got trained there. That was an amazing “race”! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ^^
Afrer passed the 3rd mission with Arthur and Firly I had to be eliminated from Galaxy Superstar stage (GS). Regret it? Not at all.
I am so proud of the missions that I get particularly and remarkable experiences that I know not everyone can get it easily. And.. you know, I never targeting myself to be the champion since the first time. I’ve tried and I believe in God who set things up for me through the process.
But there is a sense of sadness when I should be eliminated from the GS stage. Sense of family, brotherhood and the warmth that I got when I was in Korea with 10 other finalists, staffs of YS Media, CNW1, Indosiar and 선생님 (teacher) from the Rainbow Bridge and ModernK studio that makes me want to cry when remembering them.
My return to Indonesia I know isn’t the end of everything because I still got train to be an Asian star like they promised. I still able to contact friends and staffs who’s still in Korea. But there are things that make me jealous when I found out that they still practicing at Rainbow Bridge while I have to practice by myself. And also to find that they still receive the last mission even go to places which haven’t “touched” by me when I was in Korea. As human being, I have to admit, yes, I am so jealous. But remembering that everything is … once again I am sure that this is God’s way, I stopped crying.
I’m sure everything is set up properly and I believe in my faith that everything will be beautiful in its time. ^^
Thank you Galaxy Superstar! Thank you all who have supported me while I was still in GS stage. Families, friends, relatives and even loyal fans of Maria in Galaxy superstar who has been diligently watching and greeted by twitter or facebook. I really appreciate it. Without you all, I’m nobody.. :)
Now I am going through a long process to be the first dropout of KINpop (Indonesian Korean pop) star and I will fight ‘till the end and prove that I’m good, talented and deserve to be an idol. So, wait for my first debut on the other huge stage, people! ^^ 화이팅! (Hwaiting!) ~

with Love,
Maria Olivia
rookie Asian star ♥